Prof. H Martin Edge






Scott, J., Deveci, G., Edge, M., & Martin, P. (2004).

Towards Zero Heating: Affordable Models for Environmentally Friendly Housing in Scotland.

 In the Proceedings of Construction and Building Research (COBRA) 2004, September 7-8th, pp. 12.


The authors have designed, built and monitored a ‘Zero Heating’ home, the end result of a major research programme aiming to produce radical new designs for more sustainable affordable housing in Scotland’s rural areas. The precedents for housing with these kinds of aims have tended to be one-off, high cost designs, which have made environmental improvements at the expense of economic affordability. They are typically not replicable designs, which can be applied to a mass market for affordable housing. The ‘Zero Heating’ home, despite being a single, prototype house, aimed to deliver replicable improvements at an initial capital cost no greater than that of standard, low cost, ‘spec-built’ mass housing. The ‘Zero Heating’ home offers great possibilities for radical energy conservation and other environmental improvements in new housing. The house was monitored and evaluated to establish the building performance and the benefits to the environment of this type of home. The analysis of this home will also establish key recommendations for future evolutions in affordable housing for the mass housing market.