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Old World, New Ideas

environmental and cultural change and tradition in a shrinking world

During July 2001 Martin Edge organised and chaired edra32 2001, the year's premier international event in people-environment studies. It took place in Pollock Halls of Residence in Edinburgh.

The conference ran from Monday July 2nd to Friday July 6th. The conference opened with a public Keynote session on the Scottish Parliament project, which was beginning to emerge as Scotland’s Parliamentmost contentious issue!

For our Keynote session Chris Harvie, a Scottish historian and now a MSP, set the project in it's wider historical and cultural context. John Kinsley of EMBT/RMJM was Project Architect for the Parliament and took us through the physical design of the building, using a series of computer generated animated 'walk-throughs'. Mick Duncan is a Director of EMBT/RMJM and discussed some of the wider issues raised in the design process.

Abstracts of the almost 500 papers which were presented at the conference are available for download here in pdf format. Papers are organised into themes and sessions within themes. For copyright reasons these files cannot be printed in their current format.

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*      Full Paper Abstracts

*      Theme 1: Old World/New World: New Ideas/Old Ideas

*      Theme 2: Old and New: Age and Health in the Built Environment

*      Theme 3: Change and Tradition in Housing

*      Theme 4: People and Ideas in the Assessment of Public Built Environments

*      Theme 5: New Ideas in Built Environment Research

*      Theme 6: New Ideas in Architectural Theory and Education

*      Theme 7: Environment in a Shrinking World