Invited Papers






Edge, M. and Dewsbury, G. (2002) ‘Invited Paper: Deconstructing and Rebuilding the Home for Life: Technology to Assist Older People in their Homes’ 4th International Aged Care Housing Summit, Melbourne, 6-8 November 2002

Edge, M. Duncan, M. Kinsley, J. and Harvie, C. (2001) ‘Keynote: Designing Democracy: The Development of the New Scottish Parliament Project’ in ‘Old World, New Ideas’ Proceedings of EDRA 32' (ISBN 0939922-26-6)

Teymur, N. Sibley, M. Horne, S. Salama, A and Edge, M. (2001) ‘Plenary: People in Design Education: Emerging Paradigms and Cross-Cultural Visions’ in ‘Old World, New Ideas’ Proceedings of EDRA 32'  (ISBN 0939922-26-6)

Edge, M. (2003) “The Impact of Climate Change on Design and Construction” Invited Keynote at CIBSE/Scottish Executive Seminar on Climate Change, Scottish Executive, 15th April 2003