Mapping Survey of Non-Technical Research in Architecture


Martin Edge was PI for a project commissioned by the Scottish Executive. The objective was to determine the extent and focus of non-technical research on built environment issues carried out in Scotland since 1997 and to identify and assess similar relevant work carried out elsewhere in the UK and EU during this period. The principal aim was to establish the nature of existing research available to inform the Scottish Executive’s future policy priorities for architecture. It was driven by a desire to support policy – in particular the policies on architecture and sustainability – with information derived from the appropriate level and type of research. The main aim was to explore what research information was available in order to help set agendas for both research and the implementation of architecture policy. The main product has been an on-line database focusing in particular on Scottish research but including data on the rest of the UK and the EU.


The Summary Report is available in pdf form at the Scottish Executive website here...


And the full report on the mapping survey is available here. The full report includes the full database of available information of all relevant research carried out in Scotland between 1997 and 2003


A further summary is available here