SCOTMARK              database of architecture research The Scottish Matrix for Architectural Research and Knowledge was a research organisatrion representing all the architecture schools in Scotland and based at Ediburgh College of Art. I was the RGU representative and co-investigator on an AHRC research commission

ARCC                         Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change is a EPSRC research programme under the UKCIP ‘Living with Environmental Change’ initiative. I served on the EPSRC Panel which funded the projects detailed

EPSRC SUE2            Sustainable Environments and Communities. Summaries of projects currently supported under this initiative, for which I served on the interview panel in July 2007.

SUE 2 Consortia       Details of consortia funded under Sustainable Urban Environments 2, for which I was on the interview panel.

Capacity Global        Resource Centre. I contributed on an invited panel which led to the Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development Report included as a resource. Other panel members included Prof. Heinz Wolf.

Lighthouse/SUST    Is an initiative of the Scottish Executive Architecture Policy Unit on sustainable design in Scotland. I sat on the formative Scottish Executive panel

EDRA                         is the Environmental Design Research Association. Primarily based in America, I chaired their successful international conference in 2001 in Edinburgh. This was the only EDRA conference to be held outside North America in its 40 year history and the largest people-environment of the year in 2001. Full proceedings available here.

IAPS                           the International Association of People-Environment Studies is the mostly European equivalent of Edra and has a biennial conference. The link is to an online database of over 3000 people-environment papers

SmartThinking          is a website providing resources and links related to telecare and assistive technology in the home. It is maintained by Guy Dewsbury, formerly a Research Fellow of mine on the CUSTODIAN project.