On various trips aboard Zophiel and other boats we have been accompanied by dolphins for a while. Sometimes I suspect that they are using the boat as an aid for herding fish - if fish can be herded. But mostly they just seem to enjoy playing around in the bow wave of sailing boats for a while. Sometimes you hear them clicking away before you see them. Scroll down for 5 videos of cavorting dolphs...


These dolphins joined us near the end of a trip from Dublin to Milford Haven aboard Fiona Harrison’s Albin Vega ‘Dumbo’





They hung around long enough for a couple of takes





When we left Milford Haven they, or their mates, joined us again as we headed for Cornwall just before Sunset.






These dolphs came to play with Zoph as we crossed the North Sea on the way back from a cruise to the Lofotens





These ones accompanied ‘Equinox’ right in the middle of the Atlantic when we were on passage from Gran Canaria to St Lucia